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We are Idaho's Best Pawn Shop. A full service store, offering Pawns, Consignments, Buying, Trading, Retail Sales, E-Commerce Sales and Auction Services. We offer free gold/silver and diamond testing. For certified results we charge a small fee listed below.


A Pawn is an agreement secured by “Collateral” offered with a fixed term to purchase the item back. This term then has the option to be renewed month to month. Lets not complicate this, Pawning is a Simple Process and we will work with you.


If you just want to sell your item we will buy your item outright. We typically offer 30-70% of the item's value. This depends on the type of item, brand and how fast the item will sell. We will typically out pay any other Idaho Pawn Shop or Gold Buyer.


We sell your item for you and keep 6-20% of the the sales price returning 80-95% of the sales price back to you. We offer fixed rate consignment payouts also! You will get the most out of your item(s) this way.


We list 95% of our items for sale on our website at www.208sale.com. You can make offers on items, buy online and pick up in store, or have us ship the item.


On trades we offer a higher payout for your item as long as we are trading up in value. This is typically the best route to get he most value out of your item.

Gold Buying/Testing

We Buy Gold in Boise and offer Lab Quality Results with our XRF Analyzer. Certified precious metal scans are $20. We will offer the most % on spot price in Idaho and sell under spot at 95% of spot.

Use Sam's Locker Pawning Service to help with your house down payment.

We hold your item as collateral and set a fixed short term pawn. No Credit Checks, no Credit Reporting.

Special Pawn Rates

Pawn terms can finance from 1k to 25k secured by collateral.

Special Rates for Business owners

Do you need to make payroll or fund a project? Do you have equipment not being used? We can store this equipment and offer very competitive short term pawn terms without reporting to your credit.

Have Gold, Gold Coins or Jewelry?

We are the only pawn shop in Idaho with a gold X-Ray spectrometer. This means we can X-Ray your item without damaging it, and provide accurate results.

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Over 100 *5 star rating & positive reviews

Good intentions in your endeavors is the foundation of a good life lived. We strive to provide the best customer service and make sure all customizers leave satisfied.

Our Team

We are Veteran owned and Operated running Idaho's Best Pawn Shop