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Great Information about Vape 18650 Batteries

Unfortunately high amp draw rate and high mAh require different battery designs so the more mAh you have the less high amp draw rate, and vice versa.  So usually the way to specify batteries is figuring out the amp draw you need, then get the highest mAh you can at that amp draw rate.

So it is good to categorize good vaping batteries into 3 amp draw categories. 
The three categories are with the best model batteries for each placed into the categories below.
1. general purpose
-The Samsung 25R is one of the best general purpose battery.  This battery can work well in single battery mods from 20-70W, and dual battery mods from 30-130W. 
-The Sony VTC5 is a very popular battery for this as well, although it really is no better than the 25R (actually slightly worse in some ways) and is overpriced. Some customers though have a cult following for them for their own valid reasons.
-The LG HE2 is another good popular one in this category.
2. long vape time/low watts
-The LG HG2, is great for customers who want a long vape time between charges and have single battery mods from 20-50W or dual battery mods from 30-100W. Don’t try to use a very Powerful device with these batteries.
3. less vape time/high watts (cloud chasers).

-The Sony VTC4 is great for for the cloud chasers who have low resistance mechanical mods or high wattage mods 125W-200W (two battery). It doesn’t have as long of a run time since it’s only 2100mAh which is why the above are more often recommended. 

-The VTC3 or the LG HB2 also work well for this and are cheap, but it has an even shorter run time at only 1500-1600mAh.
Efest batteries are ok but they’re not as good or the same in testing as the major brand batteries above and they are more expensive. They advertise very high ratings but they’re overstated.  For example when Efest says 35A it’s comparable to a Samsung 20A battery.  This is the same with all Chinese companies that they overstate the ratings, not just Efest.